Sun Dental Labs is truly your one source, one solution when it comes to dental labs. You now have the capability to send patient impression scans to the lab in a matter of minutes. Thanks to 3D printing, your modeling options are endless. Plus, you can now print only what you need with no waste. Sun Dental Labs will scan your impressions or plaster models to create precise HD-3D representations of the patient file. Once digitized, we will clean up any imperfections and make the file available for viewing on your MySunAccount.

Sun Dental Labs Ortho Viewer Software is available whenever you need access. Simply download the free user friendly software to access patients’ HD-3D models. Software features include: full 3D rotation, zooming and panning, model and patient data. If you should have a patient or parent with questions about treatment, the 3D modeling experience serves as an impressive resource and can help provide specific answers.

We accept files from any intraoral scanner, and ordering basic and digital study models is easy. Simply login to your free MySunAccount by entering your patient info into your digital Rx form. Enter order specifications, drag and drop your STL files into the Rx, and submit your order.

Sun Dental Ortho Product Offerings

Our 3D printing makes modeling easy. By going digital, you will have safe, yet easy-to-access, patient records for detailed virtual modeling or 3D printing.

Dental Study Models

  • Basic Study Model
  • Digital Study Model