Sun Dental Labs’ SunFlex partials out perform other acrylic partials on every level. They are lightweight, more comfortable and nearly invisible. Our line of dental partials offer ideal flexibility, stability and aesthetic appeal. Also, you and your clients will appreciate how easy it is to adjust SunFlex partials.

Clients who seek the best experience in comfort and appearance will find satisfaction with our premium line of SunFlex metal-free partials. Perfect for patients with monomer allergies, our metal-free line features our superior aesthetics and precision fit for optimum comfort. Patients will proudly use our SunFlex line for years thanks to these partials’ stain and odor-blocking technology. We use a pressure-injected, flexible denture base resin, which provides complete biocompatibility and custom aesthetics.

Our SunCast Metal Partials provide ideal strength and compatibility. We offer only the purest form of chrome cobalt alloy and never use nickel or beryllium. The strength and durability of our SunCast materials can withstand years of wear and multiple adjustments.

Sun Dental Partial Product Offerings

Our line of dental partials can be used whenever you are considering a removable partial denture for your patient. We offer a variety of customized options to meet patient needs.

SunFlex® Monomer-Free Flexible Partials

  • SunFlex® Complete
  • SunFlex® Combo Framework Partials
  • SunFlex® Unilateral

SunCast® Framework Acrylic Partials

  • Suncast® Standard Complete
  • Suncast® Partial Frame

Vitallium 2000 Plus® Framework Acrylic Partials

  • Vitallium 2000 Plus® Complete
  • Vitallium 2000 Plus® Partial Frame

SunClear® Framework Acrylic Partials

  • SunClear® Standard Complete
  • SunClear® Partial Frame