Sun Dental Labs now offers a state-of-the-art solution to aligners manufacturing. Once the necessary records are uploaded, an aligners plan is generated by our team. Then, the SunClear 3D orthodontic software is used to review, modify and accept the plan.

Upload Records  


Review Design 


Receive Aligners 



The SunClear Advantage


More and more patients are asking for aligners but due to costly Aligners Lab fees, many are forced to decline treatment or go online for (do it yourself Aligners).
Thanks to SunClear 3D aligners design software and manufacturing solution, digital orthodontics has now become more affordable.

  • Save up to 50% on aligner lab fees
  • High-quality aligners design ready for approval




How does the process work?

• The process is the same as with traditional vendors
• Create an account using a google chrome browser go to:
• Upload records, digital models, panoramic xrays and photos
• Enter treatment objectives
• Approve treatment plan

What type of trimline with SunClear Aligners?

Straight-line trim is found to be best for fit and retention of aligners.



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