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SunFlex® Partials

In comparison to acrylic partials, SunFlex® partial dentures are lightweight, more comfortable and practically invisible. They offer the perfect degree of flexibility, providing maximum retention, stability and aesthetic appeal. They are also the easiest flexible partials to adjust in-office. These advantages make SunFlex® one of the finest solutions in partial denture® treatment available today.

SunFlex® is a pressure-injected, flexible denture base resin that is ideal for partial dentures and unilateral restorations. The resin is bio-compatible nylon thermoplastic with unique aesthetic properties. SunFlex® partial dentures are not ideal for immediate dentures as soft liner and tissue conditioner do not adhere to SunFlex® material.


  • Metal free
  • Ideal for patients who do not want metal clasps
  • Perfect for patients allergic to monomer
  • Excellent implant temporary partial
  • Can be used in combination with metal framework for cases with a free end saddle or precision attachments for added stability


SunFlex® Partials can be used whenever you are considering a removable partial denture for your patient. There are three basic design options when considering SunFlex® Partials

SunFlex® Bilateral Partial
The metal-free, flexible SunFlex® Partial provides a fully functional, yet aesthetically superior, removable partial denture.
SunFlex® Bilateral Partial Denture
SunFlex® Unilateral Partial
The unilateral SunFlex® restoration provides an aesthetic, functional design alternative to conventional cross-arch partial dentures. Also can be used as an  implant temporary healing.
SunFlex® Combination with Cast Partial
The SunFlex® partial denture can also be used with cast metal frameworks for natural-appearing aesthetics. The combination of the cast metal framework with SunFlex® provides enhanced stability for cases with free end saddle.


No tooth preparation is required, however rest seats are preferred. Take a quality impression using a lightweight alginate or equivalent and pour up immedi­ately. Also, provide an accurate and complete counter model and bite for best results.


Submerge the SunFlex® partial restoration in very hot (coffee temperature) water for approximately one minute. When the case cools to a tolerable temperature, gently insert it into the patient’s mouth. In case of clasp tightness, the clasp may be loosened by submerging it in hot water for 30 seconds and then removing it and gently bending the clasp while holding it under running cool tap water. The clasp can also be tightened by following the same procedure, but bending the clasp inward.
If the restoration needs further adjustment, we recommend using the SunFlex® Tool Kit with your hand-piece set on the lowest speed. Applying light pressure, use a fast motion in one direction to slowly reduce the area. Do NOT grind in one spot. Be sure to keep the points in constant motion (too much pressure may burn or distort the restoration). It is best if adjustments can be made with only the green silicone stone followed by the rubber points. If use of the carbide bur is needed, follow instructions closely.Tools02_transp
Usually re-polishing is not necessary for minor adjustments, but if needed, a standard polishing compound will help produce a final luster. If re-polishing is necessary, it can be done with the Coarse Pumice and Brown Tripoli using a soft rag wheel. A high luster can be restored to the surface using an acrylic-polishing compound following the Tripoli application.