November 18, 2015 / 1:01am

What Is Digital Dentistry?

While digital dentistry is a broad topic, it ultimately refers to the use of digital methods in place of traditional techniques for dental procedures. All too often, dental restoration remakes are the result of inaccurate impression molds. Traditional methods of creating dental molds for crowns and other dental restorations are often imprecise, resulting in poorly fitting restorations, wasted time and money in materials, and unhappy and uncomfortable patients.

As a result, many dental professionals are joining the digital dentistry evolution, adopting the use of new equipment. Take for example film-based products and procedures — these have been replaced by digital imaging sensors and digital X-ray technology. But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re thinking about taking your dental practice to the next level, learn more about digital dentistry technologies and the advantages below.

Digital Dentistry Technologies

Dentists who have “gone digital” have an array of leading-edge equipment and technology at their disposal. With digital dentistry equipment in use, traditional dental problems are given upgraded solutions, and there are lot to choose from: CAD/CAM restorations, computerized case presentations, digital radiography, electronic prescriptions, digital impressions, imaging for implant placement, and digitally-based surgical guides — just to name a few.

With the introduction of these technologies, dentists can provide better diagnoses and treatments for patients — not to mention, these technologies also provide a platform for collaborations amongst dentists in resolving monumental dental challenges.

The Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry technology offers significant advantages over traditional dentistry methods. One of the biggest advantages is improved efficiency in dental procedures. Advancements in digital dentistry have allowed for extremely streamlined processes, which have proved to show positive results in terms of both time and cost for dentists and patients alike.

Improved accuracy is also a huge benefit of utilizing digital dentistry technologies. This leads to more accurate diagnoses and treatments, and it removes wasted time and money that can arise from the need to redo molds. Finally, digital dentistry technologies increase the rate of predictability of outcomes. With these leading-edge technologies in use, dentists can easily foresee the outcome of specific procedure and improve the patient’s experience.  

Learn More about Digital Dentistry with Sun Dental

At Sun Dental, we want to make the process of technology adaptation a positive and smooth process. When you decided to take your dental restoration process digital, our SunDigital Dentistry Solution team will come to your office to do a free training session to ensure you are utilizing the system to get the maximum savings and usage for your practice. Not only will we help you make the transition simple, but we are also willing to pay to help make your restoration process digital. Learn more about how you can decrease your restoration turnaround time and improve your patient satisfaction with the SunDigital Dentistry Solution today.