October 30, 2015 / 1:01am

Protecting Patient Data with a Cloud-Based System

Your patients trust you with their teeth and dental records. To keep them coming back and to gain new patients, it’s important to never jeopardize their trust or confidence in your practice. When it comes to protecting your patients’ information, the use of cloud-based dental record system offers a myriad of benefits. But while using a cloud-based system is beneficial, it’s important to understand how a cloud-based system protects your patient data. Learning the unique capabilities offered by a cloud-based system can help you understand the numerous security advantages these systems tout. Here are four ways a cloud-based system can protect your patients’ data:

1. Improved Patient Record Security

Cloud technology stores data in an offsite, hardened data center. This makes it very difficult to breach a cloud service’s security because it has multiple levels of safeguards. This patient data protection has many advantages over storing secure information on in-house systems within your dental lab or practice, as in-house systems may have outdated programs and insufficient computing power to withstand a hack attack. In addition, because data is stored offsite, it is impossible for someone to steal the data from the office by breaking in and taking a hard drive, thumb drive or laptop.

2. Increase Protection Against Data Damage

Data stored in the cloud is safe from disruptions and damage that might unexpectedly  happen to any local office from a natural event such as an electrical outage, storm or earthquake. Cloud services distribute data over multiple data centers that are located in many different areas of the world, so no single event can make the data inaccessible. That kind of redundancy is unmatched in non-cloud methods of storing data from physical storage to digital.

3. Avoid Hacks and Viruses

Every computer network is vulnerable to viruses and malware. It doesn’t even have to be a determined and targeted hack — viruses can get into a computer system by accident and cause a lot of problems. Storing all patient data in the cloud means it’s protected from any potential viruses that might infect your in-house system. Because of the way data is distributed over several places, data in the cloud is not vulnerable to viruses.

4. Protect Data with Automatic Backups

All cloud data is backed up in several places. The redundancy built into cloud systems means that there is no need to do a manual backup of the data, which can waste valuable time. Instead, the storage of the data in several places acts as a backup, ensuring that data is always protected from loss.

Start Protecting Patient Data with Sun Dental

If you aren’t already using a cloud-based system to store your patients’ data, their privacy and personal dental records could be at risk. When you integrate the SunDigital Dentistry technology into your dental restoration process, you’ll see how valuable the cloud can be.

Every crown and bridge impression is stored in the cloud, which allows you to reuse the impression file without the need to call the patient for another impression if the shade isn’t right or if he or she breaks a tooth. Not only does our cloud technology deliver convenience and patient satisfaction, but you’ll never have to worry about losing your patients’ trust over a privacy breach. If you’d like to learn more about Sun Dental and our leading-edge cloud technology, contact us today.