We suggest our customers use the following guidelines when preparing and shipping a case.

How to prepare, package and ship your case:

  • Include a completed prescription form for each individual case.
  • Place any photos or other materials such as loose crowns, bridges and/or shade tabs you are sending with the case in a plastic bag for protection.
  • Please pour alginate impressions prior to sending. (DO NOT send wet impressions)
  • Sanitize the impressions and place it in a seperate sealable bag.
  • Wrap each model with bubble wrap. If you are sending articulated models, please separate the articulator, and wrap each arch individually.
  • Make sure the contents are secure in the box.Place additional packing material around the items if needed.

Need Assistance Submitting a Case?

Our team is happy to help! Call us at (866) 561-9777 to talk to a friendly Sun Dental Labs Customer Service Representative.

Print Your Label

Fill out the fields below until the Next button turns green (Next), then click it to generate your shipping label. If you also wish to schedule a pick up; please fill in the check box as well. once you are complete print your label and secure it to the outside of your package then it is ready to go.