October 01, 2015 / 7:12am

3 Reasons to Integrate Digital Orthodontics

Digital dentistry refers to the practices of using technology in the treatment of dental ailments. The use of technology is a departure from the traditional methods where client history and a few observable facts formed the basis for dental decision making. Now, the integration of technology in dentistry practices provides orthodontists with an advantage over those that still use older, more manual methods. Not only can orthodontists save time and money with the use of digital orthodontic practices, but processes are more efficient and treatments are more effective. If you’re still on the fence about making the switch, here are three reasons to integrate digital orthodontics in your practice today.

1. Great Return on Investment (ROI)

Implementing digital orthodontics in your practice can offer a great return on investment. ROI on technology equipment is not merely measured in monetary terms, but also in terms of the benefits the technology provides. When it comes to digital orthodontic technology, return on investment also lends itself to improved efficiency for your orthodontics practice, your team, and your patients. As a result, ROI is seen in increased revenue collection, satisfied staff and gratified patients–not to mention the chair time saved.

2. Improved Employee Morale & Engagement

Implementing digital orthodontics in your practice can create a fun environment for you and your employees. While introducing newer methods into the workplace can seem daunting, in many cases, the addition of new technology encourages employees to be innovative and creative. Not only does this create a rewarding environment and keep employees engaged in their work, but it can save time and money as a result.

3. Improves Patient Satisfaction

Implementing digital orthodontics is an easy way to improve patient satisfaction. By introducing an intraoral scanner into your practice, procedures are significantly less invasive and uncomfortable for patients. The scanner technology eliminates the less-than-appealing impression materials that leave an awful taste in patients’ mouths. As a result, patients are happier, and more likely to refer you to a friend.

Learn More about Digital Orthodontics Now

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