October 30, 2015 / 1:01am

How Sunflex Partials Guarantee the Perfect Fit

Adjusting to life with partial dentures doesn’t have to be daunting or intimidating for your patients. Thanks in part to advancements in digital orthodontic technology, it’s now easier and more convenient than ever to help your patients transition to partials.

With Sun Dental’s Sunflex Partials, your patients will get the functionality they need out of their partials, while maintaining their comfort and a smile they can be proud of. Even better, integrating the use of digital orthodontic solutions tout numerous benefits for you and your patients alike. Discover how Sunflex Partials can provide the perfect fit for every patient below.

Sunflex Partials Are Lightweight, Comfortable and Virtually Invisible

Sunflex Partials garner great results because they are made from a very special form of nylon created just for the manufacturing of dentures. Available in five translucent tones, Sunflex Partials offer great aesthetic properties for every patient. If a patient wants a tone that is closer to the natural color of their gums, a specific color can even be created with the nylon material.

Sunflex Partials Are Flexible And Strong

When you choose Sunflex Partials for your patients, it is easy to ensure that the partial is going to provide the perfect fit.  All you need to do is put your Sunflex partial in hot or cold water for a few sections and then have your patient place the partial in his or her mouth. Once they do this, the partial will conform to the exact shape of their gum tissue to ensure that the partial fits snugly with their teeth, gums and the bone structure of their mouth.

While these partials may be flexible, the Sunflex Partial is strong too. The partials are pliable and gentle to the touch and still easy to place in your patient’s mouth. However, once the partial is in position, your patient won’t have to worry about it shifting or falling out. Patients can enjoy normal foods without any issues or discomfort thanks to the high-quality chrome cobalt used to create their new partial.

Sunflex Partials Are Compatible for All Patients

When creating a partials for your patients, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Every patient’s partials are created from impressions of their own teeth and gums. Once the final partials are made, your patients will try them on in your orthodontic practice where you can make any adjustments needed to ensure that there isn’t even the slightest bit of discomfort.

Learn More About Sun Dental’s Sunflex Partials

If you’d like to learn more about our Sunflex Partials, the digital dentistry experts at Sun Dental are happy to help. We offer an extensive list of quality partial product offerings, all of which are designed to give your patients the perfect fit every time. Contact us today to learn more.