October 28, 2015 / 1:01am

How Implementing Cloud Technology Can Benefit Your Practice

As an orthodontist, you know that staying at the forefront of dental technology is a must. That’s why you take advantage of new advancements and techniques in dental tools whenever possible. But while you may be up to date with the latest and greatest orthodontic technology, can you say the same about how your practice is run from day to day?

Running a successful orthodontic practice goes beyond providing leading-edge procedures. In order to be successful in all realms of the dental world, it’s important to ensure the systems you’re utilizing for tracking patient records, sending digital scans and other processes for procedures are at the technological forefront too, and cloud technology can help you do just that.

Cloud technology is the simple answer to all of your technological woes. Not only is cloud technology a smart, sophisticated way to take care of administrative tasks in your orthodontic practice, but implementing a cloud-based system can allow you to access information anywhere, save money and garner peace of mind. Still not convinced? Learn how implementing cloud technology can benefit your practice below.

1. Cloud technology allows you to access information anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud technology is that it is internet browser-based, meaning it doesn’t matter what operating system or device you’re using to access the information. It also means that all of the information you normally have access to at your practice can be retrieved from anywhere in the world.

If your orthodontics practice has multiple locations, you will be able to share information between locations on demand. This capability provides significant flexibility in the workplace as employees can work remotely when needed and on multiple devices too.

2. The Cloud offers convenient automated software updates.

Computer hardware and software depreciate in value and functionality over time. Not only is updating hardware and software stressful, it also takes away precious time that could be focused on providing the best possible patient care.

Implementing a cloud-based system removes the technological burdens of traditional hardware and software. Rather than acquiring and maintaining your own hardware and software only for it to become increasingly obsolete, cloud technology is routinely updated and often without any additional costs to your practice.

3. The Cloud will bring you peace of mind.

Hear that? No? That’s the blissful sound of the peace of mind you’ll have when you implement cloud solutions into your practice. Have security concerns stopped you from implementing cloud technology in the past? They shouldn’t! In fact, many cloud-based systems have far better security than what your office can provide. Most cloud-based subscriptions involve data encryption, security monitoring, audits, and compliance with HIPPA guidelines.  

Learn How Easy Implementing Cloud Technology Can Be With Sun Dental Labs

If you’re considering making the switch to a cloud-based system for your orthodontic practice, the digital orthodontic professionals at Sun Dental can help. With our cloud-based system, the SunCloud, you can take advantage of the benefits above, as well as numerous others. Not only do you have the ability to submit scripts online, but you can send digital files straight to the lab, tracks your patients’ cases and much more. Contact us today to schedule your free demo.