November 16, 2015 / 11:18am

Digital Impressions Versus Traditional Impressions

Long gone are the days of traditional dental impressions being the sole option for dentists. With the introduction of digital dentistry technologies, considering the switch from traditional to digital impressions just makes sense. Learn more about digital impressions and why it’s time to go digital below.

Advantages of Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are significantly advantageous compared to their traditional counterparts. Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Three to five minutes is all it takes to scan the patient’s teeth and bite with digital impression technology.  
  • Productivity: Digital impressions can be used to create same-day restorations, which speeds up patient treatment. Not only will your patients be happier, but you’ll benefit from less chair time.
  • Accuracy: Digital impressions drastically increase accuracy by garnering improved images and impression quality, which ultimately results in better-fitting restorations. By eliminating much of the labor and guesswork associated with traditional impressions, digital impressions significantly reduce errors.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Eliminating the need for physical impressions takes away the stress associated with traditional impressions. With digital impressions, your patients won’t have to suffer with a mouth full of goo while saliva runs down their chin.

Creating Digital Impressions With Intraoral Scanning

At Sun Dental Labs, we’ve created the perfect fusion of innovative workflow and manufacturing technology. Our leading-edge process starts with creating high-quality digital impressions. Using the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, you can easily acquire 2D and 3D digital impressions. From here, you can either use your CS 3500 with the integrated CS Solutions CAD/CAM restoration portfolio, or as a standalone solution. The intraoral scanner features high-angulation scanning up to 45 degrees as well as depth ranging from -2mm to 13mm. Even better, the CS 3500 features a convenient light guidance system, which aids in capturing data during the acquisition process.

When used in conjunction with Sun Dental Lab’s sophisticated digital workflow, the CS 3500 garners satisfactory results for you and your patients. The digital impression image is created and includes detailed information about the margin, undercuts and bites is sent to the doctor for review. Once the impressions have been reviewed and checked for quality control, they are stored in the cloud where they can be reused. This is great for both your patients and your practice because you won’t need to reach out to the patient for a second impression if needed.

Learn More About Digital Impressions at Sun Dental

Has your dental practice gone digital? If not, it’s time be part of the evolution. At Sun Dental Labs, our vision is to establish digital dentistry as the standard of care and to make it affordable and accessible worldwide. Implementing digital impressions is just the beginning. Contact us today to learn how our SunDigital Dentistry Solutions can help you take your dental practice to the next level.