October 01, 2015 / 6:55am

What Are the Advantages of Digital Dentistry?

Advancements in technology helps many industries improve their efficiency and productivity, and the dental industry is no different. New technology in dental and orthodontics is making it easier for doctors and patients alike.

With digital dentistry, it’s now possible to increase the efficiency in your dentistry practice through computer-aided technology. Not only do these advancements allow you to give your patients more accurate results and a faster turnaround time, but increasing the efficiency of your practice makes you stand out from the rest–especially from those stuck using outdated, traditional methods.

So, where do you start? It all begins by embracing and incorporating digital dentistry and its technological advancements. When your dental practice goes digital, here are just a few of the advantages you’ll experience:

Improved Workflow Between Dentist and Lab

Incorporating computer-aided technology enables you to ease the communication between your practice and your dental lab of choice. By having a intraoral scanner, such as the CS 3500 or the 3M intraoral scanner, in your practice, you are able to simulate and produce many types of dental restorations including crowns, bridges and aligners without the need for a traditional impression. From here, you simply send your digital image to your dental lab. By providing the lab with an image rather than a stone model, you give them a more accurate representation, eliminating any errors that could have occurred through an impression. The beauty of using digital scans is that you are able to review and revise the scans if necessary before even sending them to the lab. This cuts down on time and money, benefiting you, your practice and your patients.

A More Accurate Fit for Dental Restorations

Digital impressions have minimized and nearly removed errors of fitting dental crowns thanks to the improved accuracy of the measurements provided by an intraoral scanner. Currently, inaccurate fit and margin errors have been a main reasons for remakes. This is both time-consuming and expensive for all parties involved. Digital impressions make remakes a thing of the past, as minimal or no adjustments need to be made during seating. A digital tooth is made and fitted into the scan before an actual denture is made into an exact fit. These accurate scans minimize the cost of reproducing an occlusal, which would otherwise be distorted by errors caused by a myriad of issues like saliva or air bubble interference.

Your Dental Practice Enjoys Happier Patients

This model-free approach cuts down the time dental laboratories take to deliver finished crowns for seating from two weeks to as little as 3 to 5 days, which can eliminate the need for having temporary crowns. With such fast turnaround time and accuracy, the patient is given a better-fitting implant denture that gives him or her more comfort and faster recovery.

Switch to Digital Dentistry with Sun Dental Labs

Thinking about going digital yet? In order to deliver high quality products to your patients, you need a lab that is grounded and experienced in working with model-free scans. At Sun Dental Labs, we have unrivaled expertise in model-free scans, as well as working within the parameters of the scan to deliver finished products that require minimal to no adjustments while seating. This benefits both you and your patient, giving your patients confidence in your practice. Contact us today to learn more about digital dentistry and how it can benefit your practice.