November 07, 2015 / 1:00pm

How Does the Digital Impression Procedure Work?

Long gone are the days of relying on traditional dentistry methods, tools and technology to take impressions for your patients’ restorations. Now, digital dentistry is streamlining the digital impression procedure from start to finish.

With SunDigital Solutions, you’ll have access to a fully-digital workflow, which ultimately improves the entire impression procedure for you and your patients. Learn how the digital impression procedure works below.    

Step 1: Intraoral Scanning

Taking digital impressions with the SunDigital Dentistry Solution starts with the CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner. This sophisticated technology makes taking high-quality impressions simple. By using an innovative light guidance system, you can easily acquire images with virtually automatic bite registration. What’s best, the CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner removes the need for traditional impression materials, which saves you time and money, and creates a more comfortable experience for your patients.

Step 2: Digital Communication

Following the scan, you will connect your scanner to your SunDigital laptop and upload the scan to the SunCloud app. This will allow you to send your scans directly to the lab so the manufacturing process can begin. Once your scan is uploaded, you’ll be able to view your case files anytime, anywhere and from any device. Even better, you can communicate directly with Sun Dental from either the SunCloud app or your laptop.

Step 3: Digital Manufacturing

Once your patient’s impressions have been scanned and sent to the lab, the manufacturing process can begin. Using leading-edge CAD/CAM and 3D printing technologies, your patients’ restorations are designed and manufactured.

Step 4: Delivery

Your patient’s digital impressions have been created, meaning the most exciting step is here…delivery! Unlike the traditional impressions procedure which can take up to three weeks before the final product is delivered, the SunDigital Dentistry Solution takes just five days. We achieve this through our streamlined digital workflow, which eliminates traditional turnaround time and increases your profit margins as a result.

Learn More About Digital Dentistry at Sun Dental

If your dental practice is still relying traditional dentistry procedures and technologies, it’s time to upgrade. At Sun Dental, we believe it’s time for a better patient experience, and digital impressioning is just one of the many ways we’re fostering improvement. Contact us today at (866) 561-9777 to learn more about SunDigital Solutions or request a demo online.