November 13, 2015 / 10:55am

5 Ways Your Patients Can Benefit From Sunflex® Partials

As a dentist, you know that adjusting to life with dental implants, fixed bridgework, or removable partial dentures can be difficult for any patient. Digital dentistry is not only streamlining the process of manufacturing oral appliances, but also helping to achieve superior results for each of your patients. Take for example Sunflex® Partials, which are a convenient digital dentistry option for tooth replacement. When your patients choose Sunflex®, here are five great ways they’ll benefit.  

1. Sunflex® are metal clasp-free.

Metal-free clasps tout many advantages. Traditional clasps with metal can irritate teeth gums and also tend to be more prone to breakage. Due to the nature of the materials used, metal clasps are also more noticeable than other options. Not only do Sunflex® provide a strong yet comfortable fit, they are also virtually invisible, creating a more natural-looking result.

2. They can be relined and repaired.

Partial dentures may need to be relined or repaired for various reasons. For example, bone loss can occur at the sites of missing teeth and can affect adjacent teeth, requiring the partial dentures to be relined. With traditional oral appliances, patients may require an entirely new partial. With Sunflex® you can reline your patient’s oral appliances in many cases, without having to create an entirely new set of partial dentures.  

3. Additional teeth and clasps can be added.

With traditional removable partial dentures, the loss of an abutment tooth often requires patients to get another partial. Sunflex®, on the other hand, allow additional teeth and clasps to be added whenever necessary.

4. Sunflex® garner beautiful, natural-looking results.

Beyond superior functionality, Sunflex® garner a beautiful, natural look that your patients will love. Because Sunflex® are available in four different shades, there’s an option for everyone.

5. The partials won’t stain or retain odors.

Traditional dentures can cause increased buildup of plaque around the abutment teeth. This can lead to stains and odors as well as tooth decay and gum disease in more serious cases. Sunflex® are manufactured using high-quality materials that won’t stain or rust and can help prevent both tooth decay and gum disease.

Learn More About Sunflex® Partials at Sun Dental

Sunflex® boast significant benefits for your patients, but only if your dental practice is utilizing digital dentistry technologies. If you’re still relying on traditional methods of dentistry for the manufacturing of removable partial dentures, you’re not garnering the best possible results for you or your patients. When you make the transition to digital dentistry with our SunDigital Solutions, you’ll have access to a fully digital workflow. Our streamlined processes improve your restoration quality, save you money on impression materials and shipping costs, and ultimately improve your patient outcomes. If you’d like to learn more about Sunflex® or our SunDigital Solutions, contact Sun Dental today to request a demo.